Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Uncle Jimbo Updates and Wingnut Attempts at Satire

Uh, I realize there's no point--what with the fact that the old fart probably can't find his way out of his own cloud of confused stink--but I thought some of this was hilarious.

Comment on the thread where he started this whole mess:


GREAT READER KIM Jong IL has gloriously fired 1st salvo at mudder-less, bottom-feeding, left-leaning, bait-sucking, Musskie's of Loser-Viking's TWIN SHITTIES! Operlation JULIA CHILD is huge Suck-cess!!!!

Our Battle Cry (now hear this you Larry Craig bathroom stall toe-tapper's) is



God Blest all of mine Wunnerful tloops and long live (she dead now) Comrade JULIA CHILD!

That's all folks!
Great Reader, KIM Jong IL
DPRK 90210

Posted by: JihadGene | March 26, 2008 at 10:20 AM

Now, that's a wingnut! But wait--it's supposed to be satire:

Central Valley, California, North Korea
I am da Mac-Daddy of da Orient! Me luv Elvis, The Tree Stooges, The Marxist Brothers, and Gomer's Pyle. I play golf moe betta than Tigers Woods! I'm good-rooking and besides, I'M GOT WOCKETS! JihadGene often channels KIM JONG IL, the Great Reader of the D.P.R.K.(Norf Korea), with the help of "Thunderbird" wine and Prozac. He also channels others as needed/ warranted. The picture is of me on a sabbatical! Thanks you to ERICA'S BLOG for the pic! It's rumored I'm hates Koreans so much, that I married one, over 30 years ago, just to torture her, the rest of my life! I got to go now before she sees me typing this crap! Spell Check is for Wussy's...or is it Wussie's? JihadGene is a proud member of Soldier's Angels and a member of Patriot Guard Riders.

I think we've seen that when the wingnuts try satire, or anything outside of toilet humor and trying to threaten people so long as all their friends are there behind them, it ends up looking like this.


Pure, pure genius that little joke. You see, by intentionally misspelling everything to make himself look ignorant of the English language, he's "parodying" the idea that a foreigner who is inept at battling the United States would blog and threaten people in a very ineffective way. You have to operate from the supposition that foreigners are always incompetent and vain when they threaten the United States because the wingnut cannot understand that a 20,000 man insurgency has crippled this country's military because the Bush Administration decided to position them in a meatgrinder with the wrong tactics and the wrong gear. What the parodist is actually doing is channeling a little something-something he stole from the Team America: World Police movie that tried to parody what Kim Jong-Il sounds like when he tries to speak English. It takes a wingnut several months to come up with flat, uninspired satire like this.

I mean, "Julia Child" jokes? Julia frickin' Child? If that's all you've got, please end the unfunny shit and leave the satire to the professionals.

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