Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Now this inspires confidence!

In January, a man was arrested outside the Capitol carrying a loaded shotgun and a sword.

On Tuesday, authorities revealed that the vehicle he arrived at the scene in was carrying explosives, and he planned to set off a bomb.

Here's the kicker - the explosives weren't discovered for three weeks.

According to an indictment filed in District of Columbia Superior Court, Michael Gorbey, 38, of Rapidan, Va., faces charges of planning to set off a bomb. He also is accused of making or transporting an explosive device with the intent of using it against people or property and multiple firearms charges.

Gorbey allegedly tried to manufacture a "weapon of mass destruction, that is, an explosive device capable of causing multiple deaths or serious bodily injuries to multiple persons, or massive destruction of property," according to the indictment.

He was arrested Jan. 18 for carrying the shotgun and a sword outside the Capitol. Gorbey told police he was headed to an appointment at the Supreme Court. No one was injured in the incident, which caused gridlock for hours on Capitol Hill.

U.S. Capitol Police discovered the explosive device three weeks later when they returned with a search warrant to check the truck, which was in a government parking lot.

Terrance Gainer, the Senate sergeant-at-arms, told The Washington Post the device in Gorbey's truck, which was parked about two blocks from the Capitol, "could have caused serious injuries," if detonated.

I swear to a god I don't believe in...if the incompetence doesn't kill us, it will be the only thing that saves us. Fortunately, these idiots couldn't organize a two pony parade. If they could, we would be in a lot worse shape than we are now.

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