Sunday, November 11, 2007

Why Would Anyone Listen to John Bolton?

John Bolton on CNN:

BLITZER: But you know, in fairness to Mohamed ElBaradei, before the war in Iraq, when Condoleezza Rice and the president were speaking about mushroom clouds of Saddam Hussein and a revived nuclear weapons program that he may be undertaking, he was saying there was absolutely no such evidence. […]

BOLTON: Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

That's cute. We're supposed to believe that Bolton is some kind of authority? On the subject of proliferation?

Tell me, what are the man's accomplishments?

Tell me, what are the man's credentials?

Tell me, what has John Bolton ever gotten right?

The man couldn't even get confirmed for the job he was not even close to being the right person to fill. He was a self-important non-entity when serving at the United Nations. He was so bad, Condoleeza Rice made it known when taking over the State Department that Bolton would have to go. Oh, and he was part of the legal team that helped stop the Florida recount in 2000--anti-democratic blood runs in his veins, I get that. Beyond that, his thin resume and bogus credentials line up nice if you buy neo-con bullshit. Shame on CNN for having Bolton on its network. Can't they find someone who knows something about the subject? Is Bolton and his pornstar moustache the best they can do?

What a joke.

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