Monday, February 25, 2008

It sure was Monday - 2/25/08

We are kicking off tonights roundup by announcing the rollout of a national ad campaign by our friends at VoteVets (ad is at the end of tonights post). Our blog is proud to have a long standing association with that fine organization, and as such, it is my honor to pass on the information that they are launching a national ad campaign to push back against the M$M meme that McCain has unequivocal support of vets and their families. He doesn't. If you can help VoteVets get their ad on the air, click here.

Ya think?!?!? St. John "four more years, four more wars!" McCain is backing away from his admission that it all comes down to Iraq, and he is tragically out of step with the American public. On Monday McCain told the AP that in order to win the White House he has to persuade a war-weary electorate that the latest incarnation of a policy on Iraq is succeeding. If he can't, "then I lose. I lose," he said bluntly. Immediately he tried to soften it, but the cat is out of the bag and up the tree, my friend.

John doesn't realize that the purpose of the unsustainable surge was never intended to help the next Republican nominee. It was intended to run out the clock for the current occupant so he can limp across the finish line with his bubble unpunctured. It's about the next schmuck losing Iraq, and everyone else can go pound sand so far as the delusional, self-satisfied Charlie Gordon squatting in the Oval is concerned.

Is Clear Channel trending Blue? Maybe it's merely a case of reading the handwriting on the wall? Whatever is behind it, Monkeyfister is fascinated...I ran the three purchasing parties through Open Bain Capital Partners and Thomas H. Lee Partners both seem to be heavy Democratic supporters. Providence Equity Partners gave to Lincoln Chafee pretty heavily in the past, but, they appear to be fully in the Democratic arena this cycle...Has there been such a heavy tilt in the Force? I wonder what is happening here. I'm already fascinated. Me too, mf, me too.

THIS is the sort of thing I am talking about when I say I want to be represented by fighting Democrats. Let McCain spin his campaign finance BS until he has himself tangled beyond escape. Whatever. While he is doing that, the DNC is cutting to the chase and petitioning the FEC to have campaign finance regulators look into McCain's unique, er, "arrangement" with his loan and public financing. Or as my people sometimes say...Keep it up, and before you know it, it'll be time for the lawyers!

What Atrios Said...
Those of us in the know understand that the "gang of 14" thing was not a victory for Democrats, or bipartisanship, but a blessing bestowed on the Republican right to cheat by promising that Democrats wouldn't do anything to make them want to cheat.

But it pissed off conservatives because while they want conservative judges to be appointed, what they want even more is to extend a middle finger to Democrats as often as possible. In other words, they wanted the Republicans to cheat so they could laugh at the impotent Democrats.

Their politics is mostly driven by a desire to say "fuck you!!!!!!!!" to their perceived political enemies. There isn't much more there.
Pretty much sums it up, Dr. Black.

Ashcroft will Testify - after stonewalling for a couple of months, John Ashcroft will testify on the latest GOP feather-your-cronies-nest scam: appoint them as monitors of defendants in federal cases!

SMU Professors Protest Bush Library...Wow. Usually a presidential library is considered a coup and universities clamber for the acclaim. Not the case with the Bush 43 library - getting the library placed at SMU took three years of debate and negotiations, and now that they have agreed, the professors are pissed. Turns out they don't want a censored library on campus. Go figure. Academics value integrity over ideology. Who could have suspected such an uppity response?

On second thought, I hope the door does hit you in the ass on the way out...and I hope you get a big honkin' splinter, and it gets infected, and you suffer severe complications...I told you last week about former Guantanamo chief prosecutor retired Colonel Morris Davis, who resigned rather than serve below pentagon political appointee Chief Council William J. Haynes, who said "we can't have acquittals" in regard to detainees...Well, today Haynes suddenly resigned his position at the Pentagon. No word yet on whether the war-criminal bastard has lawyered up...

Now, as promised, here is that ad:

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