Monday, February 25, 2008

Some free advice for the wingnuts: It's called "Cultural Sensitivity" you dumbasses

Great Caesar's Ghost but the stupid burns sometimes.

I mean, I can't even believe that an entire day has been wasted on this shit.

This morning started with the denizens of wingnuttia flapping their wings and setting up a tremendous squawk about Obama not wearing a flag lapel pin, and, apparently he was caught, at some point, without his hand over his heart as (versions differ) either the Pledge was recited or Star Spangled Banner was sung.

But the wingosphere had barely ginned up and set properly atwitter over those dueling non-issues, when they got distracted by something shiny and were off on another tangent of foam-flecked, fever-swamp stupid.

The Drudge Report ran the photo at the right, of Obama in traditional attire, that was taken when he was on a congressional junket in 2006. Drudge claimed that he received the photo in an email from "stressed Clinton staffers."

Except...It ran in that pillar of journalistic integrity the National Enquirer back on February 4, and the day before Drudge posted his "scoop" the mental midgets at "Sweetness & Light" were ranting in all their deranged and delusional glory, and even Rick Moran gave them a thorough fisking for being frothing fuckwits.

Ever been out of the country? If you have, go look through your fucking snapshots.

Any pictures of you looking ridiculous?

Thought so.

And chances are, you weren't acting in a diplomatic capacity, unless you created a diplomatic incident by being a jingoistic dumbass. Officials don traditional attire and act with cultural sensitivity when they interact with leaders from other nations.

Like this! Remember this???

Lets put it in context, shall we? Obama was in Kenya, the land of his father's birth, where his grandmother still lives. He was meeting with a tribal leader in a region that borders Somalia. And he behaved with cultural sensitivity in a photo-op for the local potentate. What's the big fucking deal? It would be bad to elect someone who knows how to stroke locals and work the diplomatic levers?

Yes indeedy. That would be terrible.

And for the record, I don't think that the campaign that knows this photo, and many others, exist; ready to be plucked from the ether by some smartassed blogger. With all those pictures of Hillary in Africa and Asia, I just don't think the campaign would be in a big hurry to point fingers at an opponent for donning local attire. For the record, the Clinton campaign has denied having anything to do with it, and said that it is incumbent upon those who say her campaign is behind it to prove it. If Drudge can't prove his claim, then he is lying about the origins of the photo - and given the S&L was there yesterday, I think the smart money would be on "he's full of shit."

Christ! Obama has a familial tie to the nation where the photo was taken!

So yeah. It's all proof that he is a home-grown insurgent and a secret Muslim, and his 20-year membership in a Praise Jesus! inner city church was all a ruse.


And I don't know who comprises the largest dumbass contingent - the wingnuts who set the fire, or the moonbats who dumped gasoline on it pointing fingers at their primary opponents camp.

Republicans have no monopoly on pure unadulterated dumbassery, that's for damned sure, and if you doubt it, today should have put that canard to rest.

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