Monday, July 16, 2007

This could be a sign of the apocolypse

God help me…I can’t believe I am about to write this…


Okay…here goes…Rick Moran at The Rightwing Nuthouse is nearly as offended by the current occupant and the seeming rush to war with Iran as I am, and I applaud him for writing the post.

What is the world coming to? Last week I gave Kit Bond a standing ovation for being a Mensch, and this week, I can’t even get through Monday without saying something about the Nuthouse that borders on nice.

Oy Vey.

They might revoke my membership in whatever club we lefties are all supposed to belong to if this continues.

But c'mon...what's not to agree with here? So what if a rightie said it? It's still...swallows in correct.

They don’t “trust” any potential successors to “deal with Iran decisively?” I can’t begin to tell you how offensive that idea is – not to mention its raw stupidity. The world may look a lot different to a new President on January 20, 2009 than it does to Dick Cheney and his advisers today or even next year.. And any military action taken against Iran next year – which is the current timetable – will mean that Cheney and Bush’s successor will be reaping the bulk of the whirlwind sown by the current Administration following any massive attack on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure.

And make no mistake. That “whirlwind” will be the mother of all blowbacks. We’ve been over and over the downside to attacking Iran so repeating the enormous cost to the United States and perhaps the west would be redundant punditry.

Actually, before Cheney/Bush, I was probably better described as purple. Let me give an example of what I mean when I say that…In the past, I simultaneously worked for the campaigns of Nancy Kassebaum and Dan Glickman. (How many regular readers just un-bookmarked me for admitting that I have cast votes for Republicans in the past when they were the best candidate?)

I have never cast a vote that I regret, and I have never cast a vote I would deny. I don’t take my civic duty lightly. Voting is definitely on the list of things I think are worth dying for if necessary.

Anyway, when the Nuthouse and I can find a parcel of common ground, either the four horsemen are galloping toward us full speed, or they just retreated out of view…I’m not sure which…but they are definitely involved when such unholy alliances are made.

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