Sunday, March 18, 2007

Wanker of the Week: Missouri State Senator Carl Vogel

Missouri State Senator Carl Vogel is our Wanker of the Week™ and a big 'ole pile of steaming hypocrisy all in one.

This dubious honor we (by "we" I mean me and the cats and a three year old) have bestowed on the Republican from the 6th district turns on a pissing match he is currently engaged in with my State Senator, and we already know I am a huge fan of hers.

My State Senator, the perfectly-named Jolie Justus, introduced an anti war resolution. It was, of course, voted down on a party-line vote, but it put everyone on record.

But here is where the behavior that garners him the honor comes in...Vogel leads the State Senate Ways and Means Committee, and because he opposed Senator Justus' anti-war resolution, he is refusing to hear two of her bills that are before his committee - stating "We were disappointed in the filing of the (Iraq war) resolution." and said that the state lege has no business debating the war. "That forum is not the Missouri Senate. I have no problem leaving that debate in Washington."

I call bullshit.

First, lots of Missouri businesses are being hurt by repeated deoployments of their employees who are in the Guard and Reserves. That makes it a state issue, Mr. pro-business Republican.

Then there is this:

On March 20, 2003, the state Senate, after bruising debate, passed a resolution supporting the invasion of Iraq. Here is some interesting text from that March 20, 2003 resolution: "Iraq's conventional, chemical, biological and nuclear weapons threaten world peace." that resolution went on to tie Saddam to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001 - "bringing justice to Osama bin Laden and those responsible for the terrorist attacks on United States soil."

Vogel voted for that resolution, full throated. (And still defends that vote, while denying that he's being a hypocrite! IOKIYAR, I guess.)

So for being a big steaming pile of hypocritical horseshit - Senator Vogel is our Wanker of the Week™.

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Dan said...

I'm willing to give him the month. At least for the state of Missouri. He'll have to brush the dust off of it when he goes to pick it up off Blunt's mantle, though.