Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good Morning Kansas City!!!

Let's get our protest on.

It's a beautiful day here in River City. I think I’ll exercise my civil liberties. It is bright and clear and the sun is shining. Right now it is a crisp 34° headed toward a high of 63°.

At 1:00 o'clock this afternoon, I know where I will be.

I will be on the campus of Penn Valley Community College at Linwood and Southwest Trafficway in Midtown.

Mission Creep is a reality. 21,500 has become 30,000 and Petraeus is asking for another combat brigade. If you think that so-called surge is going to work, you're nuts. If you think that they aren't going to put every fucking asset into Iraq until they either bankrupt the country, totally break the military, and totally decimate the Guard and Reserves - you overestimate their intelligence...We have to stand up and stop them, while our country and our Constitution are still salvageable.

I know what I prefer. I have two good legs, so I'm going to stand up on them.

We are hours away from four years of this bullshit.

Meanwhile the fucking traitors who dreamed this shit up are sacrificing nothing.

Let's take our country back from these destructive, criminal war-mongers.


Turn out, tune in, and turn it up.

It's time to bring on the politicians because

there is no military solution.

It's time to stop the war.

It's time to bring the troops home.

It's time to fully fund the VA.

It's time to


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