Thursday, March 29, 2007

Busted! Gonzalez Intentionally Lied

Kyle Sampson did his star turn in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee today and…

Gonzalez lied.

When he stood in front of a press conference on March 13 and claimed information had not been shared in the department, he was not telling the truth.

Today, under questioning from Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Sampson said, under oath, that he “shared information with anyone who wanted it.” Specifically, Sampson said he did share information with McNulty and Moschella prior to their testimonies before Congress. Schumer responded: “So the Attorney General’s statement is wrong, is false. How could it not be?” Sampson froze. Ultimately, he acknowledged Gonzales’s statement is “not accurate.” (emphasis mine).

Watch the exchange for yourself at Think Progress. It's a joy to behold and a good day to be a Democrat.

And why don't you use the links on the side over there (glance to your right – lots of resources there) and let your elected officials know that this whole situation is wholly intolerable and Gonzo has to go?

Might send Senator Schumer a little love while you are at it. He's doing a damn fine job of representing every last one of us in his seat on the Judiciary committee and subcommittee right now. When Gonzo goes, it will be Schumer holding the damned door for him.

The dude thinks he’s still just aWol’s attorney. He’s not. He’s the chief law enforcement in the land, or at least he is supposed to be. And he’s totally fucking useless.

The jig is up. Fire his ass already. He should have been gone a month ago for fuck's sake.

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