Thursday, March 29, 2007


Happier times, strolling hand in hand through the garden.

Now the King has rebuffed the president and backed out of a state dinner that was to be held next month.

But that is the least of the strains tugging at U.S. Saudi relations. King Abdullah on Wednesday, at a meeting of the Arab League in Riyadh said that “In the beloved Iraq, the bloodshed is continuing under an illegal foreign occupation and detestable sectarianism.”

He added: “The blame should fall on us, the leaders of the Arab nation, with our ongoing differences, our refusal to walk the path of unity. All that has made the nation lose its confidence in us.”

This strong rhetoric represents a sharp departure from previous statements about U.S. Involvement in Iraq. It also indicates that the relationship might not be as hunky-dory as the administration has been projecting. Instead, the Saudis are speaking out against the chaos raging next door.

In recent months, the Saudi's have conducted talks with Hamas and Hesbollah, two terrorist organizations in the view of the United States.

Saudi Arabia has also in recent months shown some willingness to reach out to Iran - much to the chagrin of the Bush administration, which want the Iranians shunned. Instead, King Abdullah has invited Iranian President Ahmidenajad to the capital for talks.

So - snub the American president and ask the president that represents one of the infamous "Axis of Evil" countries to c'mon over and dish.

aWol just got bitch slapped.

Bust out the BWAHAHAHA's! There's a certain element of
schadenfreude that sets in when this vile little piece of human scat gets slapped up side the head, and I am not above enjoying his misery. Fuckin' sue me.

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opit said...

I confess to big grin and chortle when I posted that story this morning.