Friday, June 6, 2008

Obstructionism Means Defeat For Republicans This Fall

Once again, the Republican obstructionists stop us from getting anything done--the defeat they deserve can't come soon enough.

Republicans have blocked efforts to bring a global warming bill up for a final Senate vote after a bitter debate over its economic costs and whether it would push gasoline prices higher.

Democratic leaders Friday fell 12 votes short of getting the 60 votes needed to end a Republican filibuster on the measure. The vote was 48-36.

Majority Leader Harry Reid now must decide whether to pull the bill and push the climate change issue to next year with a new Congress and a new president.

Let's get something straight--the Democrats in the Senate needs to quit playing games with Mitch McConnell. Bare knuckles and shin kicks are the rule of the day, and decorum is a fool's paradise with such people. Any Democrat that votes with McConnell from here on out gets heaped with scorn and abuse, and the promise of funding for a primary challenger. The best thing that can be said of this is that it would be worse if they were accommodating and reasonable. The way they're acting now means there will be more material to use against them in attack ads this fall. The Republicans are more and more vulnerable each and every time McConnell pulls this crap because they need to start breaking with that clown, and all of the other clowns, because they are going to run into a buzzsaw in November. Reid MUST campaign in Kentucky against McConnell, and he has to keep exposing the Republicans for what they are--bitter, pathetic obstructionists.


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