Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday morning quick hits

The unemployment rate jumped to 5.5% last month - The .5% jump was the first time the rate had gone up by a full half-percentage point since February 1986. The latest snapshot of business conditions showed a deeply troubled economy, with dwindling job opportunities in a time of continuing hardship in the housing, credit and financial sectors. "It was ugly," said one economist. I am no econ wizard - far from it - but I think "ugly" might be an understatement.

The Dow dropped 200 points Friday morning, driven by news of steep job losses and rising unemployment and surging oil prices. The decline in stocks also helped drive bond prices sharply higher as investors sought a more secure place for their money.

This is insane - Not the service personnel, but the system. not only is it nuts, it violates the tenets of "best practices" for the medical profession. Fully 20% of the service personnel serving in Iraq and Afghanistan are being given psychotropic medications so they can cope with the fucked-up situation they are being forced to deal with because aWol bu$h is a warmongering fuckhead with zero awareness.

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