Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging - June 6, 2008

Buddy Impeachment enjoys his time in the sun - literally. Every sunny day we have, campaigning comes to a screeching halt for about three hours, and he takes a sunbath under the skylight. Pity the mere human with designs on kicking back in the LazyBoy and enjoying a midday movie - such felicitous pursuits can wait for him to vacate the throne, thank you very much.

But his brother is going to cause him problems, I just know it. Charges of "elitist" are sure to be made, especially when Charlies fondness for satin bedding gets out. Thank goodness his opponent is an overweight suburban kitty from Irvine! At least an inner city cat from KC has some street cred, even if he does have a brother who is a bit on the precious side!


And I'm out for the afternoon - we'll be keeping our antennae raised for the newsdump, and we will of course have the roundup tonight, but if I am going to have a four year old working this hard, I gotta help out, or there will be trouble with child welfare, I just know it...(Yes, that is Method™ pink grapefruit non-toxic cleaner...)

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