Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunday Morning Quick Hits

Calm down Keith, you foam-flecked lunatic Olberman can stuff his unhinged rant over Hillary's unfortunate comment up his tuchus sideways. After all, it was just a month ago that he made an unfortunate comment himself. Remember his "take her in a room" comment? Hmmm? We do. The fact remains that she has been treated horribly by people in her own party, Keith O chief among them. It leaves me with one thing to say..."You, sir, are a hypocrite."

It was just garnish, apparently On Friday, wingnut minister Rod Parsley said he wouldn't withdraw his endorsement of John McCain. Late Saturday night he changed his mind and faxed another letter off to the campaign and the press. It was identical to Friday's statement, but with the addition of a single sentence...“Therefore I withdraw my endorsement.” The effect this will have on wingnittia remains to be seen.

Don't you hate to see such a cute couple forced apart by peer pressure? The old goat has asked his pet goat to scale back his plans to help with upcoming fundraising events. Yesterday we told you about a fundraiser moving from the Phoenix Convention Center to a private residence after tickets didn't sell, and the campaign was afraid that war protesters outside would outnumber sycophants inside. Now it's happening in Utah. Yes, Utah! The White House is spinning it, of course, but the fact remains - this president is poison, his policies are loathsome and in the eyes of the public, they are one and the same.


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