Saturday, May 24, 2008

McCain and the Media Mancrush: Revisited

I first thought it had to be a typo...they had to have meant to say "blow up" because there is no way that John "bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb Iran" McSame manages a "blowout" - didn't they?

Sadly, no.

The Politico - never known for keeping the mask in place anyway - actually gives an anonymous - so they can speak freely, you understand - source 'within the republican party' the chance to assert facts not in evidence, specifically that McSame could manage a 40 to 50 electoral vote blowout in November, and the stenographer dutifully scribed it down and let that be the lede in a two page article, before getting to strategists and pollsters who will actually allow their names to be attached to their quotes who are - shall we say - more cautious about their optimism. “There is a one in four shot that McCain can win an electoral majority in excess of 50 electoral votes, which by most recent standards would be a blowout,” Republican pollster Tony Fabrizio said. “Considering where the Republican brand is right now, that’s pretty phenomenal.”

One in four? Really? I'm skeptical.

In electoral-rich California, Obama would defeat McCain by seven points if the election were held today. This is significant because less than four months ago Obama lost the state to Clinton in the primary. The latest KTLA/Times poll shows a bleak landscape for McCain in the Golden State, where he has vowed to compete heavily, thinking he had a shot there because of the military presence.

But his reluctance to back SB 22, Senator Webb's 21st Century G.I. Bill legislation has drawn fire from veterans groups, from the American Legion to VoteVets, IVAW to Veterans for Peace. Even the Military Officers Association of America has taken a shot across his bow and told him thanks just the same, but they are in no mood to be lectured about retention rates.

Then there are the lobbyist problems. He has those in trump, and damned if they don't sully the "maverick" image. (By the way, I have long thought that there was a Ford joke in there somewhere - the Maverick was not a cool ride, it was in the same class as the Pinto...You guys are witty as hell - get on that, would ya? Leave 'em in comments.)

And on his home turf, in Phoenix, a fundraiser and joint appearance with the current occupant had to be moved from the Phoenix Convention Centerto to private residences in the Phoenix area, due to anemic ticket sales and the fear that anti-war protesters outside the convention center would outnumber attendees. (h/t Nicole Belle at C&L)

So yeah, I totally get where Davic Paul Kuhn was coming from with his thousand-word mash-note to the recipient of the media mancrush.....Totally.....Of course, when McCain manages that blowout, I will be seeking medical attention - for the plague of monkeys that will be flying out of my butt.

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