Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh, For Crying Out Loud...

Rachel Sklar loses her ever-loving mind over absolutely nothing so she can draw attention to herself for fifteen minutes:

There are two kinds of people in the world: People who think there's an ugly strain of misogyny running through Hillary Clinton's media coverage, and people who think she's just not very likable and deserves it for running such a mean campaign and is ruining the Democratic party and has an annoying laugh and should just shut up and get out of the race already. Regular readers of this column won't be surprised to learn that I fall into the former category, having cataloged a fair number of examples here, but I'd think that even if I agreed with the second part I'd still agree with the first, because her coverage is just that bad. I am not going to run through it now — if you're interested, there are 83 specific examples documented here — but I am going to offer up an unbelievable statement made by Keith Olbermann on Wednesday night's show as proof.

Olbermann was discussing the election with Newsweek's Howard Fineman, a frequent guest. They topic was, how can a winner finally be determined in this never-ending Democratic race for the nomination? Of course, the assumption was that it was Clinton that should be shown the door (despite clearly still earning her spot in the race thanks to, um, voters). Fineman said that, all the delegate math aside, ultimately it was going to take "some adults somewhere in the Democratic party to step in and stop this thing, like a referee in a fight that could go on for thirty rounds. Those are the super, super, super delegates who are going to have to decide this."

Said Olbermann: "Right. Somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out."

In order for what Sklar is saying to be true, you would have to believe that Olbermann is the problem. Not Rush Limbaugh, who is calling for riots and chaos in Denver. Not the likes of Michael Savage, Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, those idiots we told you about at any number of hate-oriented blogs in recent weeks. or even our old pal Roger Stone. Yes, Olbermann. Wow. Sorry, but I'm not gonna go there.

Yep--the only man who has kept us sane, who has given us a goddamned voice--the only man who, by dint of his Special Comments, endless efforts at reminding people about Mission Accomplished, The US Attorney Scandal, Plame Gate and a whole host of things that the regular media would just as soon sweep under the rug--yes, Olbermann's the problem! Poor Keith has to be saying to himself, sheesh--what does a guy have to do to operate around here without taking fire from people who are 90% in agreement with him on the important issues?

Well, that just goes to show you why I do not read the Huffington Post anymore.

Sklar is simply hysterical at the wrong people for what amounts to be the right reason. Is there too much misogyny directed at Hillary Clinton? You're damned right there is. We told you about Roger Stone and his organization, C.U.N.T, and were visited in a manner of hours by Stone himself, dropping in for a cute remark about his latest atrocity.

Anyway, go ahead and keep shooting at the wrong people, Miss Sklar. For all of the phony outrage you've ginned up against Olbermann, there are a dozen minor wingnuts who really would call for her to be assaulted, mutilated and otherwise injured. But wait a minute! Of course, that's what Keith wanted! He really did want to see something untoward happen to her! Oh, my bad, my bad!

The twittery and the ridiculousness of the Huffington Post are nothing new to me.

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