Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Catblogging - May 16, 2008

Window sill edition!

It is springtime, and open-window weather, and the kitties are loving it.

Charlie is soaking up sun in the late afternoon.
(Enjoy it while you can, Chuckles, because that window will have an AC unit in another month.)

And a few hours later, Buddy Impeachment has been going to town
on the miniblind cord in the sasme window, and is now giving me his best "innocent" face.

And that's it for me for today, I have to get ready to get my schmooze on at Truman Days. If I have time between now and leaving home, I will put something in the queue on a timer, but that prospect looks doubtful at this point. Anyway, for the remainder of the weekend, a version of my standard disclaimer applies: if the vice president shoots someone in the face and I fail to comment on it, it's because I'm off playing quarters with the county executive or something.

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