Friday, May 16, 2008

It's time for Truman Days, Jackson County!

It's that time of year, Kansas City! It is time for Truman Days, where Jackson County Democrats get together, eat too much, listen to some speeches and get fired up about the coming elections.

We get a chance to bend the ears of the party leaders, talk to other Democrats who are participating at the neighborhood and precinct level, plot strategy, network, and of course, open our checkbooks.

Jesse Jackson, Jr. will be tonights keynote speaker, and the event will take place in Independence at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Local Democrats interested in attending should call Jessica Podhola at 816-833-5232.

Look for pictures and Truman Days blogging over the weekend, with my partner in thought crime satisfying your need for wonky goodness.

Kitties will be along shortly...

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