Sunday, April 13, 2008

Don't look now, but I think maybe the Democrats won one...

Remember FISA? Remember how the sky was falling and we were all gonna die at the hands of 'terrists' and evil doers because our Democratic representatives all secretly hate America and want to negotiate the terms of our surrender to al Qaeda? That's what the more deranged wingnuts say, anyway, and if repetition equals right, then they nailed it...[/snark]

Via the prolific Steve Benen, we learn that the GOP is quietly retreating from their quest to repeal the Fourth Amendment, and hoping no one notices as they shift from fearmongering about terrorism to fearmongering about taxes.

Fine by me - the process of civil discovery is our best shot at finding out just how far these criminal bastards went. There is a prayer of that being disclosed so long as the telecoms aren't immunized.

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