Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Huckabee Meltdown: Part II

You don't have to look very hard to find people in northwest Missouri who feel like Mike Huckabee is guilty of felony murder.

That is because he was the guy who made sure that the monster who raped a distant relative of Bill Clinton was released from prison - and let no one tell you differently - that fucker was released for one reason - to stick it to Clinton.

Well, Clinton didn't pay the price for the fecklessness of the Arkansas GOP and their all-too-easy-to-manipulate, slow-witted governor Mike Huckabee.

Instead, Sara Andrasek and Carol Shields paid that price.

With their lives.

They were murdered by the paroled rapist.

In 1984, Dumond was convicted of raping a 17-year-old cheerleader, who happened to be a second cousin, once removed, to Bill Clinton. If not for the family connection between the victim and Bill Clinton, Dumond would have rotted in an Arkansas prison and died, unknown and unmourned. That would have been justice.

Instead, the Arkansas GOP went into full-froth mode...Dumond was innocent! He was railroaded by that bastard Clinton! He must be freed!

Bullshit. He was a predator and a rapist and a murderer. That mattered not a whit. (Besides, his victim was just some little strumpet related to Clinton - she probably liked it!)

The Arkansas GOP is, in essence, sucking hind-tit to the freakin' mafia where ethics are concerned. At least the mafia respects the families!

And now, the Huckster is triangulating.

The Huckster pressured the parole board behind closed doors, and they granted the murdering monster parole - without Huck having to affix his signature to the release. When the victim pleaded with Huckabee to keep the man in prison, he dismissed her, telling her that he believed that the man was reformed and repentant, and would pose no future threat. (Haven't we heard that "looked into his soul" line of crap before?)

I do not believe for one second that anyone in Arkansas thought the bastard was reformed.

If they truly believed he was reformed, why was one of the conditions of his parole that he had to leave Arkansas???

While he was in prison in Arkansas, some desperate, unloved, sad and pathetic man-hungry idiot Christianist trollop married him. (I have never understood those stupid, stupid disgraces to my gender, and I never will.) So anyway - this idiot bitch lived in the KC metro, and that fucking monster came here to live with her. And within a year, he was murdering women.

One of the women he murdered grew up in Eagleville, MO - a town of about 400 on I-35, just a few miles south of the Iowa line. Eagleville is about 12 miles from the town my grandparents and in-laws called home.

You say "Mike Huckabee" within 50 miles of Eagleville, and you see pure hatred flash in the eyes of the locals. You hear him called names like "mother-fucker" "moron" and, most appropriately, "murderer."

When Super Tuesday rolls around, that bastard will not do well in this state - if he hasn't imploded and withdrawn by then.

Here's hoping...

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