Sunday, July 15, 2007

You know how I am always saying I love the smell of roast wingnut in the morning?

Well! Feast on Jim Webb putting Lindsey “I bought five rugs for five dollars” Graham in his place.

Graham kept repeating that he has been to Iraq seven times (on taxpayer-funded junkets that serve no purpose and only accomplish disrupting operations to accommodate the potentates) and Webb whose son served as a combat Marine in Iraq – did not mention the fact of his son's service.

He didn't have to. We all knew he was the one with moral authority without him having to turn over that card.

Webb took the high road and everyone watching knows it. You go and see the dog-and-pony shows.” Webb scolded Graham, “Don’t put political words into [the soldier’s] mouth.”

Graham came off looking like nothing so much as a petulant, obstreperous, delusional, kool-aid swilling jackass. He kept pounding his finger on the desk and saying “let them win.”

Which is total horseshit. The only way for an occupying invader to *win* is to commit random slaughter and war crimes. We know this. Is Lindsey Graham advocating that U.S. G.I.'s commit war crimes?

And by the way Lindsey, just let me air a grievance, and I say this as someone with long and strong Air Force association - I bleed Strata Blue - I just can’t equate your time as a JAG lawyer in the Air Force during peace time with Senator Webb leading a Marine rifle company in Viet Nam; Senator Webb received multiple service commendations, not the least of which was the distinguished Navy Cross and two Purple Hearts.

They don't give those out for paper cuts, or hangovers caused by too much German beer, unfortunately for Lindsey.

I’ve been to Rhein Mein – it was decidedly not a hardship tour. In fact, it was a very popular billet back then.

Oh, hell – just watch Webb eviscerate the little weasel:

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