Thursday, May 31, 2007

"When are we going to get out of here?"

Oh my Dog, that was a wince-worthy display of denial, perfidy and abject idiotic puffery. (Yes, LIE-berman, I am calling you out, most vituperatively. Jackass. Traitor. Fuckwit. Possible victim of an organic brain disorder.) And yes, I know I’m a day late piling on here, but what the hell? Defending the First Amendment in Federal District Court in DC is a reasonable excuse for your humble blogging servant to be playing catch-up, don’t you think?…

Now, where were we? Oh yeah – Holy Joe and his midday stroll…

Seriously – didn’t this

Immediately make you think of this?

The desperation of the dead-enders is really a sad thing to behold. What are we going to do about these people? (Haldol? Dilantin? They are beyond mere sedation and into seizure territory).

They sent our GI’s off to fight a vanity war for a failed fool, and put them in a no-win situation. Now the troops in the field are losing faith in the mission. The evidence is mounting that war crimes were committed to start this whole clusterfuck.

McClatchy talked to the same troops that the lying weasel, oafish Schmendrick, fucking idiot war-mongering hack tapped to break bread with him. Wonder if he will take their sentiments back to his next sojourn to the American Enterprise Institute (where he has been spending way too much time for someone who claims that the Democratic party is still his home.)

BAGHDAD, Iraq - Spc. David Williams, 22, of Boston, Mass., had two note cards in his pocket Wednesday afternoon as he waited for Sen. Joseph Lieberman. Williams serves in the 82nd Airborne Division from Fort Bragg, N.C., the first of the five "surge" brigades to arrive in Iraq, and he was chosen to join the Independent from Connecticut for lunch at a U.S. field base in Baghdad.

The night before, 30 other soldiers crowded around him with questions for the senator.

He wrote them all down. At the top of his note card was the question he got from nearly every one of his fellow soldiers:

"When are we going to get out of here?"

Later in the article, the very essence of why these god-damned dog-and-pony shows of idiot Senators traipsing off to war zones to talk to the troops and “get the real story from the boots on the ground” ON THE TAXPAYER DIME are pure unadulterated bullshit

"We're not making any progress," Hedin said, as he recalled a comrade who was shot by a sniper last week. "It just seems like we drive around and wait to get shot at."

But as he waited two chairs down from where Lieberman would sit, Hedin said he'd never voice his true feelings to the senator.

"I think I'd be a private if I did," he joked. "It's just more troops, more targets."

From this moment forward, any politician who undertakes one of these theatrical productions needs to be ridiculed off the public stage. In fact, let’s start with Hillary (she went in January, in order to set up her grounds for divorce from the war supporters when her position became politically untennable) and Insane McCain and Lindsey Graham-Cracker (McCain needs a sturdy cage and Graham can take his rugs and shove them right up his…) Now add Holy Joe the Liar-man, who bought some spiffy Faux-kleys on his little stroll to that list. (h/t Larry Johnson)

Enough already – you aren’t going to win this one. It’s easy to sit back stateside and pontificate about all manner of things. But the GI’s in the field have lost faith in the mission, and god-damnit, even when you have righteousness on your side – and in Iraq the United States most certainly does not – it is simply not possible to prevail when the GI’s doing the fighting lose faith.

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