Sunday, July 15, 2007

SIRIUS Satellite Radio can't be...well...SERIOUS

Jeez...I go off-line for a couple of hours to do some system maintenance and clean up the hard drive, and when I logged back on and checked in at WTWC, I learned something that made me glad I have been stalling on getting equipped for Satellite Radio, at least for the place in the country, up on the Iowa line, a good 125 miles from any city with an NPR affiliate.

Now that I learn about this bullshit, I'll keep streaming my radio up there and screw the satellite companies. Just reconfirms my original belief that I own those fucking airwaves to begin with, and no mother fucker is going to get me to pay for using them.

From Corpus Juris at WTWC:
Sunday, July 15, 2007


Rick Perlstein of the Campaign for America's Future was recently a guest on a SIRIUS Satellite Radio show. In the process he learned something very disturbing. SIRIUS' liberal channel is called "SIRIUS Left" but it's conservative channel is called "SIRIUS Patriot." They promote SIRIUS PATRIOT as

Coast-to-coast conservative -- SIRIUS Patriot celebrates the red, white and blue with patriotic conservatives who aren’t afraid to tell you what they think.
Liberal talk radio at SIRIUS. Liberal radio with entertaining hosts only on SIRIUS.
They might as well have said that only manly men are tough enough to listen to SIRIUS PATRIOT, but SIRIUS LEFT is carefully designed for latte drinking sissies.

As someone who blogs with the full throated progressive patriots here at Watching Those We Chose, the idea that SIRIUS Satellite Radio doesn't think we love our country every bit as much as any conservative is a crock.

Perlstein reports
SIRIUS's media relations representative for talk radio is Hillary Schupf. Her email is Her phone number is 212-901-6739. Let's start with her. . . . This cannot be allowed to stand.
Let her know just how you feel. An email or a phone call will do. Share this with your friends. They need to let her know their feelings as well. Be polite, but make Monday morning memorable for Ms Schupf. Make it the morning she approaches management with a new idea.

Pass this on. Tell Rick Perlstein thanks.

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