Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wanker of the Night: Faux Filibuster Edition

I have been listening all night long, and I am getting ready to turn in.

But before I do, I have to anoint John Thune the biggest wanker in the Senate.
The Junior Senator from South Dakota has secured the title. That is quite an achievement when one has both of those double-digit I.Q. chuckleheads representing Oklahoma, Lieberman and Mad Jack Insane to battle for that dubious honor.

Thune is obliviously willfully ignorant if he is unaware of the Military Times poll from last winter that shows only one in three members of the armed services approve of the president and his conduct of the war.

That would almost seal the deal for him all by itself. But there is more...

He actually said to Jim Webb, a combat veteran himself, and the father of a Marine who served in Iraq...that he knows better what the boots on the ground think, because he has been there (and disrupted operations like visits by potentates always do) and Webb hasn't!


He said that!

Let me just clear something right the hell up...Visits by potentates are a pain in the ass stateside during peacetime. In a war zone they are an obscenity.

Webb has a very good source. The best source available...He has a son who fought there, recently. He is also a combat veteran.

Jim Webb has the decency to not subject the troops in harms way to the added strain of a dog-and-pony show that is always precipitated when a potentate comes a-calling.

Stateside, during peacetime, it's a gigantic pain in the ass when those pricks come to visit. In a war zone, those little juggernauts are an affront to decency.

Remember that a mile away from Lindsey “I bought five rugs for five dollars” Graham when he got such a killer deal on those rugs last April, six G.I.'s who did not have those Apache gunships and Blackhawks hovering overhead giving them cover, were killed.

Remind everyone of that.

And remind 'em that when a Republican says he is behind the troops - the bastard likely has one hand on his fly and lascivious intent.

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