Wednesday, July 18, 2007

You know this already, but the Occupation of Iraq is a catalyst for terrorism

As if you needed more evidence that I am consistently right when I say things like this:

...when the whole thing is a mere 800 words in length, and if you read it carefully, the conclusion is, this administration has done everything wrong and allowed the Al Qaeda terror network to regroup.

Well, I am not alone.

Paul R. Pillar, a former CIA analyst who has been involved in previous intelligence estimates, said that the administration has correctly identified the danger posed by al-Qaeda in Iraq and that there are indeed links between the Iraq group and the larger international terrorist network. But he said the White House is drawing the wrong conclusion, and argued instead that it is the U.S. presence in Iraq that is fueling the terrorists' cause. [emphasis added]

"Iraq matters because it has become a cause celebre and because groups like al-Qaeda in Iraq and al-Qaeda central exploit the image of the United States being out to occupy Muslim lands," Pillar said.

Referring to al-Qaeda in Iraq, Clinton administration official Daniel S. Benjamin, who has written books and articles on international terrorism, said: "These are bad guys. These are jihadists." He added: "That doesn't mean we [should] stay in Iraq the way we have been, because we are not making the situation any better. We're creating terrorists in Iraq, we are creating terrorists outside of Iraq who are inspired by what's going on in Iraq. . . . The longer we stay, the more terrorists we create." [emphasis added]

So riddle me this, Batman...

Why the hell would I even trust these chumps - who have been absolutely wrong about absolutely everything - to even be able to do something so basic as order lunch without fucking it up?

And these jokers have the audacity to tell me I need to be patient?

Four and a half years in?

Patience my ass.

I'm gonna kill something.

Hows about we start with the entire damned Defense Authorization Bill for FY 2008 if a binding exit date is not mandated therein?

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