Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Turkish military crosses into Iraq pursuing Kurdish terrorists

This has the potential to be really, really bad. Our NATO ally Turkey just put their ball in play in Iraq. Thousands of Turkish troops just crossed the border into Iraq in pursuit of Kurdish guerrillas who launch terrorist attacks against Turkey from bases in northern Iraq.

The United States has invested heavily in the de facto Kurdistan, it being the only bright spot that can be pointed to. (Overlooking that inconvenient bit about the Kurds thinking it’s a grand idea to try their hand at genocide where the Assyrian Christians are concerned.)

So now we are facing an unthinkable. It is entirely possible that within a few short hours the United States will be faced with picking a side between Allies. Turkey has a modern, highly trained professional military. They are not to be sneered at. They are, for want of a better word, pretty much badasses to a man. The Kurds, we have trained and armed. Turkey has the capacity to roll over the Kurds in short order. The side with an Air Force always wins. Remember that.

Something else to remember: Iran has Kurdish relations. This could, if not defused, give Iran entry into the Iraq war. When I said this has the potential to get really, really bad...This is what I meant.

I do know one thing without a doubt...this is certainly no time for the hamfisted incompetence of Condi Rice.

This will pretty much be my topic today. Look for updates and fresh posts frequently. Details and background about the region coming soon.

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