Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Well, this explains a lot....

In the last two years, it seems the insurgency has gotten a lot better at countering the United States forces in Iraq. Well, I think I might know where one of the pieces to that puzzle can be found.

This is a Motorola 5000 radio – one of the best pieces of field communications equipment we have. Ruggedized, encrypted, enhanced-frequency spectrum, 8-hour lithium-ion battery... A vital tool in a hot-fire zone.

Now we learn that 50 of these radios went missing about two years ago. (H/T to C&L and Cliff Schecter. They have the .pdf's and I am having adobe difficulties. Still.)

Anyone besides me imagining insurgents listening to communications that the people speaking think are shielded and encrypted and secure?

Let me put it in perspective for you: These radios in the hands of insurgent fighters is something akin to that time when the Allies got ahold of a German enigma machine during World War II.

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