Saturday, June 30, 2007

The best likeness I've seen yet

Ah, Ann Coulter. Vapid, hate-spewing, republic**t, sub-human, skank personified.

What would you bet that if Taylor Marsh said about John Roberts what Ann-thrax Coulter-geist said about Justice Breyer - or if Susan Sarandon said she wished Mitt Romney had been killed by terrorists - that they would get visited by the rock-jawed fellas with wrist radios and headsets?

Yet the fucking hypocrites on the right say we should denounce Michael Moore, but they don't denounce this bitch? Practice what you preach, mother fuckers. And when you have a 20 year track record of contrition, perhaps I will let you out of the box.

But then again, maybe not. You lot are gonna have to be real fuckin' contrite. Sack-cloth-and-ashes, hair-shirt, self-flagellating contrite. And it still might not be enough. You lot really, really fucked up on an epic scale. Good fucking job. Next time we need the Constitution abrogated, the Honor Code trashed, the military broken and the treasury broke...we'll be in touch. In the mean time...don't call us.

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