Saturday, June 30, 2007

Calm down, everyone

Okay everyone. Let's take a deep breath and step back and calm down. Pour a stiff drink. Might I recommend two fingers of Glenmorangie 18 with a splash of water, and a club soda back?
Tends to mellow me right the hell out. And if there is one thing we need right now, it is to mellow right the hell out.

When we get this pissing-down-our-legs atwitter, they win even when they fail miserably. Some bleach-blond twit was just on the local Faux affiliate telling Kansas Citians to be aware of "erratic driving and rental trucks." Well, I guess that every single driver in the greater metro area is a terrorism suspect, because even when it isn't the Fourth of July weekend, the people around here can't drive a lick. But the rental trucks bit really made me snort. People - it is July - medical residencies start in July - Lots and lots of people - many of whom happen to be brown - are going to be traversing the country in rented moving vans - either en route to where they will do their residencies or leaving the areas where they just finished a residency. How many of them are going to be hassled by nervous nellies for the transgression of being a brown person in a moving van?

The entire fucking country needs to take two of these and chill.

Good lord people - just a couple of weeks ago, an air traffic controller scrambled Air Force fighter jets when he heard the words "hostile takeover" in the background as the pilot of a small plane cleared his airspace. After the transmission was complete, the pilot switched off his radio.

When I hear "hostile takeover" I have the sense to realize that it is a conversation about business (who flies in small planes again? Business people? Thought so.) I certainly have the common sense to realize that neither Vance nor McConnell AFB's are going to be attacked by a couple of guys in a Cessna.

Once the plane was on the ground, over a dozen armed federal agents and tactical deputies surrounded it. Federal authorities, who interviewed the pilot for two hours, said later that there was no threat to anyone and no charges would be filed.

"People should be very careful in this heightened state of security about comments they make regarding airplanes and air traffic," said FBI spokesman Jeff Lanza.


My point is this...We live in an era where caution needs to be exercised, but full-on panic serves no one, and desensitizes the populace to the threats. When overreaction is SOP, and every day the fearmongers do something so utterly mockable, it is counterproductive to the ends they intend to achieve. Your chances of being struck by lightning are still much greater than being a victim of a terrorist attack - unless you victimize yourself by caving to fear and pissing down your leg.

Good God, y'all. What the fuck happened to my countrymen? I don't even recognize you any longer.

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