Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Just yank the wings – and the clusters – from this pricks epaulets

I refuse to acknowledge that this prick is a retired officer, because he is a fucking disgrace. I am embarrassed that this third-reich wanna-be, Robert “Buzz” Patterson, is an Air Force retiree. I am, in fact, humiliated by the association.

Patterson, you see, thinks if you question his president that you should be hung for treason if you don’t toe the Republican Party line on issues of the clusterfuck they have created.

This prick would have been a terrific Commissar in the Red Army – hell, he would have been the penultimate SS Officer it sounds like...Who cares that those cattle cars are transporting humans? The train is on time!

He is a rock-jawed killin’ machine, by gawd I’ll tell you whut.

What a dork.

I read his interview with fawning twit K-Lo at NRO and I quite literally felt like wretching

Kathryn Jean Lopez: Your upcoming book begins with a quote from Cicero about how a nation “cannot survive treason from within.” Surely you’re not calling Democrats traitors. Or are you?

“Buzz” Patterson: I am. They certainly are if their behavior during our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is held up to the light of the U.S. Constitution. Article III, Section 3 defines treason against the United States as “adhering to (our) enemies, giving them aid and comfort. Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Dick Durbin, and John Murtha, amongst others, are guilty of exactly that. […}

It’s not just the Democrats though but many on the Left — its faculties and administrations on college campuses, big media, Hollywood, and left-wing organizations such as the Ford Foundation, Moveon.org, United for Peace and Justice, etc. What is particularly disturbing to me is that these Americans are doing it while their fellow citizens are fighting and dying in combat. The best ally that al Qaeda has these days is the Democrat Party leadership. It’s reprehensible.

Well, once the nausea passed, I let the criminally negligent accusations of the mendacious bastard slide off my back. Seriously – why in the hell would anyone listen to this turd? He was literally a lousy officer. We know this because he was forced out under “Up or Out” in spite of the profile of the position he served in. I’ve met some administrative officers. Trust me – this is the kind of jerk they can’t wait to get rid of and they all hope he moves to Tucson and annoys the customers and staff at the O-club at D-M – or Luke – where ever he goes after they kiss him off, they just hope it’s a couple of time-zones away from them. Believe me. He is most likely widely considered an embarrassment to the Air Force.

Five will get you ten that everyone in strata blue who has ever met him will attest to the level of dedication he has applied to his quest to become the perfect dickhead...I've never met him - but I can name a dozen just like him.

[Whew! That felt good! Guess I had some repressed hostility there...]

That said, I zeroed in on this little gem from his answer: adhering to (our) enemies, giving them aid and comfort. Perhaps he missed the revelation that the Bush administration is materially supporting Jundallah, an offshoot of al Qaeda. It was in all the papers…Oh wait…actually it wasn’t…it was another one of those stories that should have gotten traction but didn’t by the Bush-fluffing Corporate-Conservative Media (CCM)

Anyway, I guess the entire administration is guilty of treason, and by this particular piss-poor officers standards we can just say “Guilty! OFF with their Heads!”…

Well fuck. Let’s just skip the trial and bring on the gallows. Then, when it’s Robespierre’s turn to die…

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