Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I have some questions...

[UPDATE Below]

I am sitting over here, on the left side of a red state, furiously looking for answers to seemingly vital questions that no one is bothering to ask. This is irritating me to no end.

I don’t care about the sexual aspect of the DC Madam scandal.

I care about the National Security aspect.

Doesn’t anyone else see any parallels with the Profumo Affair? Except the American production features multiple Profumos! Deputy Secretary of State getting massages in his home from $300 escorts and "central american gals" is a big deal and reason for concern.

The war planner that authored the “Shock & Awe” strategy has been named. Multiple Pentagon officers and high level officials have been alluded to. ABC news reportedly has the phone records. It is the responsibility of the national press as a constitutionally protected check against government abuses to reveal this information.

This is absolutely a matter of National Security.

I have a couple of questions for the State Department and the Pentagon.

--What are you doing to ensure national security?

--What is the status of these individuals with regard to their respective clearances and access to secrets?

I am speaking as someone who knows a little something about security clearance protocol. If an Airman from Whiteman AFB gets busted with a hooker on Troost, he ain’t goin’ to complex anymore.

So why are these people, with the highest level access – who actually do the war planning!!! – still on their jobs given the nature of these allegations?

I guess I have a question for the mainstream media too…

Where the hell is the National Security beat? Why is this question not being asked by them?

UPDATE: Dana Milbank at the WaPo has an interesting gossip column take on the case. Yet still no one is asking the hard National Security questions.

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