Sunday, April 1, 2007

Michelle Malkin: Crazy Bitch

Posted by --Blue Girl at 4/01/2007 09:19:00 AM

April 1, 2007

That great American terror-fighter and Upright Citizen Michelle-the-Malignant Malkin - has found a few minutes between patrols in Ramadi to take a stand in the fight against terror.

And you can too!

Just take the handy-dandy little "pledge" - you can even buy a button!!! - and you too can be "John Doe" and let the whole world know what a jingoistic tool you really are by emblazoning your delusion on your lapel!!!

Go read her fucking oath - but where it says "Muslim" substitute "Jew." Where it says "Imam" read "Rabbi."

Where it says "I am John Doe" read that as "I'm a paranoid, delusional, goose-stepping moron."

Hear that? That is the sound of breaking glass.

If your newspaper carries this hateful bitch - this self-loathing immigrant - contact the editorial board. We got Ann Coulter and Linda Bowles banished from the op-eds in this town - can we get the Star to come to their senses about this idiot child, too?

I refuse to pay for a paper that has her byline. I have a partial-week subscription. If her column runs, I call the paper and get a credit for that days paper. The days they subsidize her, I refuse to subsidize them.

UPDATE: The anonymous comments all come from one troll - Here are his IP Numbers:

He is posting from Mountain View California - Zip code 94043

[Sigh. That really was too easy. In honor of 01 April I thought I would try my hand at over-the-top shrill - you know, like Malkin and Coulter have made their bread and butter? I guess I would be better at it than I had previously thought if I ever decide to sell my soul...But for now, just know that I am kinda chuckling over here, because folks, you have been punked.]