Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The checkbook is closed

The DGA had the audacity to call me and ask for money yesterday.

If we still had landlines, the wires would have melted.

I was non-plussed, first at the sheer audacity. I wanted to ask him how he manages to walk with balls that size. I mean, they must be enormous. I live in Missouri. Chris Koster was a dream candidate…a former Republican county prosecutor and state senator who switched parties because the Missouri GOP is batshit crazy…a conservative Democrat with the endorsement of the NRA, all the ag organizations and up against a novice whose only entry on his resume was “Navy Seal who likes big gunz” – and the gun nut won even though he didn’t have the NRA’s backing?

The DGA made a hash out of 2016. The DNC made a hash out of 2016. The DSCC and DCCC made a hash out of it. All the Democratic organizations were a hot fucking mess. I wish I had every penny I donated last cycle back, because it was all just pissed away, apparently. Not one fucking candidate or cause I supported won. That is bad messaging from the people at the top, and the people at the top won’t have my money to play with any more.

The guy on the phone sounded shocked when I told him I was done, that I lived in a city that is big enough to take care of itself and its own and it does, and my efforts are here.

I don’t know exactly when the “Show Me” state became the “Show You” state, but it did. I don’t like it, and I don’t live there. I live in Kansas City.  I don’t like the people there, I resent that my taxes fix their roads, that they vote to spite me then run to the city the minute they need a really good doctor and that Medicaid picks up the bill….but they hate social programs because social programs benefit “those people” in the cities.  

I grew up with those assholes, with their casual racism, with their white privilege (“if you cain’t be better’n a n****r you cain’t be better’n nobody” – don’t you fucking dare try to tell me white trash doesn’t have their own brand of white privilege. It’s probably the most vicious and malignant form out there.)

When I say we’re big enough to take care of ourselves and our own, I mean that in 2005 we decided that our county would have universal healthcare through the UMKC/Truman Medical Centers and Children’s Mercy Hospital. When our state became a laughing stock because one of the Jesters of the Lege – who happens to be an M.D. – said about joining the rest of the country in preventing prescription drug overdoses by establishing a state database that if they want to OD and take themselves out of the genepool, it’s not his business to stop them. (I guess he forgot that “First, do no harm” part.) Anyway, our county went ahead and did it on our own.

If you are a Kansas City politician, I will host a fundraiser for you in my Coleman Highlands home.

If you’re a Jackson County politician, I will host a fundraiser for you in my Coleman Highlands home.

If you represent KC or Jackson County in the state lege, same deal.

If your name is Claire McCaskill or Emanuel Cleaver, I will crawl over broken glass for you and then host a fundraiser in my Coleman Highlands home.

Otherwise, I’m tapping out until I see competence.

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