Monday, February 15, 2016

It's. Not. About. You.

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Let's get something out of the way right from Jump Street...I could not possibly care less about your feelings, unless I'm mocking them, and if you don't get that, what the fuck are you doing reading this blog any-damn-way?

There comes a time when we must put away childish things. This is that time and your wittle fee-fees are the childish things you either have to put away or risk being emotionally traumatized for the rest of your life, because I don't just not care about your feelings, I hold them in contempt.

When Nino Scalia shuffled off this mortal coil over the weekend, it brought into sharp, clear focus just what is at stake with this presidential election. This will be the third appointment for President Obama.

Fearful of losing their advantage on the high court, the right wing "constitutionalists" (maybe they should stop waving it in the air, break the binding and give it a read) are whining that the seat should remain vacant until the next president (they're banking on the next president being a republican) is sworn in.

Never mind that it doesn't work that way, and if they had ever read the document that they claim fealty to they would know it.  It is the role of the Senate to "advise and consent" not to "hector and obstruct," although if you only started paying attention to politics in the Obama era, you may think it's the latter, and that things have always been done this way. It isn't. In fact, it's unrecognizable to those of us old enough to have taken Civics in school.

Here's the deal...I don't give one hair on a rat's furry ass who you're supporting in the primary. I don't care if you're a Bernie Bro, so long as you're not a Hillary Hater. I also don't care if you're a Hillary backer, so long as you're not a Bernie Basher.

I am so god-damn sick of Democrats those who fall left-of-center on the political bell curve sneering at one another and vowing they will sit out the election if their candidate doesn't get the nomination. Because...Purity. Grow the fuck up. IT. ISN'T. ABOUT. YOU.

It's about the federal bench and the Supreme Court. It's about whether or not our republic is for sale to the highest bidder. It's about whether or not the public lands that belong to all of us can be exploited by private interests. It's about whether or not you will have breathable air or whether or not your local river catches on fire. It's about whether or not you can buy health insurance. It's about whether or not the women in your life have a right to reproductive healthcare and choices.

I'm not the only one who thinks so either. It's a good day when I wake up in complete agreement with Paul Krugman.
"But simply pointing to rising partisanship as the source of our crisis, while not exactly wrong, can be deeply misleading. First, decrying partisanship can make it seem as if we’re just talking about bad manners, when we’re really looking at huge differences on substance. Second, it’s really important not to engage in false symmetry: only one of our two major political parties has gone off the deep end. 
On the substantive divide between the parties: I still encounter people on the left (although never on the right) who claim that there’s no big difference between Republicans and Democrats, or at any rate “establishment” Democrats. But that’s nonsense. Even if you’re disappointed in what President Obama accomplished, he substantially raised taxes on the rich and dramatically expanded the social safety net; significantly tightened financial regulation; encouraged and oversaw a surge in renewable energy; moved forward on diplomacy with Iran. 
Any Republican would undo all of that, and move sharply in the opposite direction. If anything, the consensus among the presidential candidates seems to be that George W. Bush didn’t cut taxes on the rich nearly enough, and should have made more use of torture."
Get it yet? It isn't about you. It's about the country and the future and the world our children and grandchildren will have to navigate as adults and our place in the world and the history that is yet to be written. So vote your preference in the primary, then vote for the Democrat in November. It's that simple, and if you don't get that, so are you.

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