Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Nightowl Newswrap


How free your speech is depends on the amount of melanin in your skin -- The more you have, the less you are likely to get your First Amendment rights.

You can call me a mean-spirited asshole if you want -- but I'm glad Barbara and George 41 are alive to see Jeb! flame out in a spectacular, humiliating way,

You can't make this stuff up -- Conservatives are up in arms about what they perceive as "the creeping gay agenda" at...wait for it...Chik-Fil-A.

Ben Carson is one serious whack-a-doodle -- He asserted -- totally without evidence -- that the pyramids were built to store grain rather than as tombs. Seriously.

I wouldn't be bragging about it; I would be arranging for a crash course -- Ben Carson admitted today that he doesn't know much about US-Cuba policy.

A slap-in-the-face to "Big Cannabis" -- Ohio put a flawed, giveaway-to-big-ag marijuana legalization on the ballot today and the good people of Ohio saw through it and turned it down.

Enough already. The Feds need to take over all of St. Louis County -- "Driving While Black" is so last-century. The city of Pagedale, near Ferguson in St. Louis County has implemented a new scam...Owning a home while black.

A stabbing attack at the University of California - Merced -- Five people were stabbed and the suspect was shot dead on Wednesday morning. All of the victims survived, but the identity of the attacker, any motive he may have had, and past or present connection to the school has been released.

He has our backs -- Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has announced a settlement with two drug companies on Thursday after his office audited the state Medicaid program and found a pattern of overcharging the state for their products.

They made their bed -- Since the people of Kentucky were stupid enough to elect Matt Bevin as Governor, they deserve the illness and death that will come their way as he does away with KYNect, the highly successful "Obamacare" plan that the state implemented under Governor Beshear. They're just about to find out that they are "those people" to the rich fucks who gulled them.

A little good news -- The conservative Colorado Board of Education members who held seats on the state's second-largest schoolboard who wanted a white-supremacist, alternative history taught to the students were booted off the school board yesterday. If they want to screw up kids, they can have their own and homeschool them. Everyone else's kids are off limits.

Well, it is where they belong -- A bill introduced by Jeff Merkley of Oregon would ban oil and gas exploration and drilling on public lands. It's a start....maybe the pendulum is swinging back the other way.

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