Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Nightowl Newswrap

  • You might be a badass -- but you will never be 91-year-old Jimmy Carter, battling cancer and building a house for the unfortunate badass.
  • Post-racial society my lily-white ass -- Supreme Court justices use unique rhetorical devices all the time, but no one has ever delivered a scathing condemnation like the one Sonia Sotomayor delivered about racism in the legal system of this country. She used her own relatives that are incarcerated to make her point.
  • Oh Thank God! -- I am so relieved that Jon Stewart has inked a deal with HBO. I don't think I could survive a presidential election without him.
  • Still smiling. And proud of the people in my city -- The Royals victory parade was today, and 800,000 people crowded into about 7 blocks of Downtown and the Crossroads. There were only three arrests and they weren't for anything related to the festivities.
  • Oh Yay! The left has it's own version of 'Unskewed Polls'! -- I understand the science of polling. This bullshit meets none of the criteria for credibility. On-line polls are crap because the same people can vote over-and-over, and it was conducted over months instead of days....so take it with a huge, boulder-sized grain of salt, people.
  • The irony is rich...these are the same asswipes who clutch their pearls and shriek about Sharia law, but they're all about hiding behind "biblical arbitration." Personally, I won't sign any contract that binds me to arbitration vs having my day in court if they fail to live up to their end of it.
  • Poor Jeb(!) -- he can't fix his campaign or his party. Turns out fixing elections is a LOT easier.
And now, a little Midnight music, this one for my boys in blue -- 

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