Tuesday, November 10, 2015

First came the kiddie-table debate...

* Oh, Little Ricky...You're funny, but you ain't Lucy & Desi funny. --BG

* Wow. So Huckabee doesn't believe in facts, reality, or Christian Charity. Good to know. --BG

* Oh, Chris. You poor victim, you.
Do you think your threats to the Chinese mean anything, and will he be ab oard Air Force One when it flies over those islands? --BG

* Umm...Chris...you can't opt out of the Federal Exchange, you refused to set up a state exchange, forcing New Jersey residents onto the FEDERAL exchange. You just lied. --BG

* Told you he was funny...Little Ricky wants a 20% flat tax.
Chris, you dimbulb you, state and local taxes keep going up because of federal tax cuts for the rich (i.e. The Bush Tax Cuts). --BG

* Governor Huckabee wants a "fair tax" and Jindal wants everyone to have skin in the game. Poor people have a lot more skin in the game than rich people do, percentagewise.
Huckabee is just making my head hurt. --BG

* You know what I would like to see? A Democratic commercial that shows a family gathered around a new baby, just home from the hospital, and the doorbell rings...there stands an IRS man with a bill for over thirty grand, and he would congratulate the parents then put the bill in the basinet with the baby and say "Here is the bill for your birth tax." Because that middle-class kid (if the parents are lucky enough to remain middle class) will be paying off the Bush Tax Cuts all his or her working life. --BG

* Bored. Now.
None of these chumps are going to get the nomination. I will return after these guys are done and the really scary guys come out. --BG

* How can Huckabee oppose healthcare for all, and use a root canal as the ruination of a family economically?
I told you he made my head hurt. --BG

* Now Little Ricky is talking about the VA and saying we don't need it as it exists today, and he is asserting that the 37th best healthcare system as "the best in the world."
Is he clueless, or is he lying? --BG

* Do you know what a college graduate calls "American Exceptionalism"? "Jingoistic ethnocentrism." --BG

* What enemy has Little Ricky Sweatervest ever confronted?

* I like the fact that when my doctor writes a prescription, I get the medication that my doctor ordered from the pharmacist.
I like that everyone agrees that red lights mean "stop."
I like that when I put gas in my car, it is the formula that it says it is on the pump.
I like that I live in a state that regulates electricity so we can afford cooling in the summer.
I like turning the tap and getting potable water.
I like having air that is breathable and rivers that don't catch fire.
I like roads that don't swallow my car in potholes and bridges that don't collapse.
Yeah, government sucks. We should get it out of our lives.

* Sir Charles of Krauthammer is praising Fox Business for the softballs that were lobbed "this was a real debate, without ad hominem."
Excuse me? Have substantive questions been redefined as "ad hominem attacks" now?

* I lost count of the things that were just wrong, but I have seven hashmarks by "outright lies." I was too busy live-blogging this mess to write them down.

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