Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Blogging and the Newswrap will resume tomorrow

It is my goal to get at least one post and a Newswrap up every weekday, and if something breaks on the weekend, I will try to get up my take.

Since I was last blogging regularly, I have gone back to work -- not in medicine, but as an elementary teacher. I'm strong and steady enough to be the second teacher in a combined 2-3 grades classroom with 24 kids roughly half-time. I am teaching religion class in the same Catholic school my granddaughter attends. They are getting the liberation theology bent, don't fret. It's a school that is about 65% Hispanic.  You better believe they know who Archbishop Romero was!

Anyway, some days I'm just wiped out when I get home, and those nights the Newswrap might be short, but I promise, regular blogging will resume tomorrow.

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