Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tuesday's Quick Hits

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GOP bleeds registered voters Since 2005 the GOP has seen a precipitous decline in their numbers, while Democrats and Independents have seen a dramatic increase. People who watch such things speculate that the shift in registration numbers may be a portent of doom for the republican party, signaling a move away from the GOP that could affect local, state and national politics over several election cycles. (Gee - what happened in 2005 that caused people to flee the GOP? Could it have been a major American city underwater and three dollar a gallon gasoline?)

Why the hell are O'Hanlon and Pollack still getting ink??? I mean, those two idiots have been absolutely wrong about absolutely everything since the run up to the war they wanted so badly so long as they didn't have to fight it. Now these two chickenhawks - emphasis on chicken - are back in the New York Times...again, after another military-orchestrated trip to the war zone to see what the military wanted them to see. This time they are trying to explain to the hoi polloi that withdrawing combat brigades from Iraq too soon would be a "bad deal" for Americans and Iraqis. Why do these idiots still have jobs and influence?

Were detainee visits taped? Foreign intelligence and law enforcement teams have been informed that visits they made to interview their citizens held at the U.S. prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba had been recorded by the United States. Thousands of hours of conversations involving persons from nearly three dozen countries are involved. The DoD admitted last week that there was an intelligence gathering aspect to the recordings.

Stocks rally as the price of oil declines The Dow gained 190 points as oil prices sunk to $119.55, a three-month low, on the New York Mercantile Exchange.

Huge cache of WW II weapons uncovered at Berlin construction site Workers excavating the site of an old saurkraut factory to build East Berlin's first mosque unearthed thousands of rounds of infantry munitions and weapons. Such discoveries remain common in Germany still, more than 60 years after the war ended. The community building the mosque apparently failed to request a site inspection for unexploded munitions before work began. It is rare that a week goes by in Germany without wartime bombs and weapons being found during construction work.

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