Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Mentality of a Young Republican

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Captain Bootyplunder is so busted...

The son of Colorado GOP Senate candidate Bob Schaffer is causing his dad a little embarrassment on the campaign trail this week.

Nineteen-year-old Justin Schaffer publicly apologized for putting up posters on his Facebook page including one declaring "Slavery Gets Shit Done."

Also among the Facebook page additions are some that mock Barack Obama, painting him as Muslim, an elitist, a homosexual, terrorist and comparing the presumptive Democratic candidate for president to the cereal-box character "Count Chocula."

The page also includes several pro-gun images. One "bumper sticker" shows an image of Jesus holding an M-16 in front of a Confederate flag, with the words "What Would Republican Jesus Do?" Another features a bevy of different kinds of guns with the words, "Celebrate Diversity" underneath.


"Cap'n Bootyplunder," as one friend referred to the younger Schaffer in a wall post, is just 19, yet a number of his "bumper stickers" refer to drinking games and alcohol. His interests include "being cool, girls."

No word on whether young Mr. Shaffer has been to see a military recruiter to talk about his future, of course.

The whole thing just smacks of a harmless prank gone horribly wrong, albeit on a MySpace page that Shaffer thought was hidden from view so that only he and his like-minded posse could mock others while doing nothing to defend their country in a time of war--one they no doubt support so long as they don't have to serve in uniform.

Further bringing some unwelcome and uncomfortable tough love to Captain Bootyplunder's magical world of drinking and hate-mongering, they had to make the young fellow apologize...

Schaffer, an economics major at the University of Dayton, issued an apology to a local news station in Colorado that first reported the story:

"I do not agree with the sentiment or content of the offensive material, especially the 'bumper sticker' that references slave labor. It is clear that my actions were juvenile, disrespectful, and a mistake on my part.

"The offensive materials directly contradict the values that my parents taught me and are forbidden in my parents' home. My Facebook page is solely my responsibility, and I am saddened that my actions have reflected poorly on my sisters and parents."

His father spoke to 9NEWS on the phone after an event in Glenwood Springs Monday evening and said, "My wife and I have initiated a process of firm and severe discipline with our son."

He's nineteen years old. What's this bullshit about "discipline?" This is an adult we're talking about. And he has quite an affinity for hate.

In other words, he's got the Young Republican thing down cold. Give him a job on Capitol Hill and watch him rise to the top of the putrid heap.

[h/t to TPM Muckraker--they have some pretty sickening images up. And they go a long ways towards showing just how fucking racist these little fuckers can get when they think their private little pages can't be seen publicly.

Have a good laugh, Captain Bootyplunder. Mom and pops sure are proud, I'll bet. If your pops doesn't win this Fall, he's totally gonna harsh your buzz.
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