Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Nightowl Newswrap

Why is that warmongering idiot John Bolton still getting airtime?
On Faux Noise today he was at it again, declaring that "diplomacy is finished" (when was it tried???) and declaring that there were two options - targeted military strikes and "regime change" - because that has worked so well in Iraq, you know. We have explained the vast differences between the two countries in the past. Anyone who thinks regime change in Iran is even possible should read this.

That is the percentage of those polled who approve of bu$h's handling of the economy, and his overall approval rating is 25% - which begs the question - who are these people in that 25% who will admit, without a trace of shame, to approving of this moron?

Another murder by police
Tasered, handcuffed, then brutalized to death by cops who kicked and beat him after he was unconscious. I guess when torture is official national policy that pathology trickles down to the cops on the street, and brutality becomes the norm.

Keep after the lying old creep, Barack!
After McCain grudgingly admitted that keeping our tires inflated and our engines tuned up really would save energy, and produce results immediately, not seven years in the future, it was Obama's turn to pounce. “In the coming days it’s going to be interesting watching this debate between John McCain and John McCain” he told an audience in Elkhart, Indiana.

Pawlenty tries a positive tack and praises Obama
Potential running mate Tim Pawlenty, Governor of Minnesota, praised Barack Obama, "Say what you will about Barack Obama," he told a group of conservatives, "people gravitate when you have something positive to say." That will play well with the average American, but it will make the wingnuts froth and twitch and need seizure medication.

A PUMA ate my unity pony
Hillary has accepted the fact that Barack Obama is going to be the nominee. Why can't these jackasses? And don't give me that "popular vote" line of crap, either - the "popular vote" that they cling desperately to doesn't mean a damned thing, any more than it does in the general election, and everyone with a lick of sense knows it. Grow up already.

That's GOP leadership for you
While House republicans carry on their idiotic grandstanding circle-jerk in a closed chamber, minority leader John "crybaby" Boehner was back in his district and hitting the links.

Mitt isn't going to be in the number 2 slot with answers like this
Asked to name one single legislative accomplishment of John McCain on the energy front, Romney answered "I'm not a historian."

This sounds like a threat
Mike Gravel was caught on tape last week encouraging a crowd to harass a federal prosecutor who helped bring criminal contempt charges against a Palestinian activist, Sami Al-Arian. It's one thing to picket a public figures office, but it crosses a very bright line when you encourage people to find out where that persons children go to school.

Austin Bay is a giant colostomy bag
You know you are in for 30% extra wingnutty goodness when a column starts with "Victory in war is tough to define" so you shouldn't be surprised when it goes on for 750 words performing editorial fellatio of David Petraeus.

More specious campaign donations to the McCain campaign
Members of the Abdullah family maxed out and even exceeded the maximum contribution limit, and many were apparently pressured and lied to by the family patriarch. Some were surprised to learn that the contributions were not tax deductible, and another who initially denied the donation said “He’s like a worse copy than Bush,” and asserted that he certainly wasn't going to vote for him.

Happy Blogiversary
One year ago today, Show Me Progress rolled out, and has been making waves in Missouri Democratic circles ever since.

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