Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jean Schmidt Feels the Love

I'm not sure whether or not Mr. Brinkman realizes this, but a darned good way to ensure that no one is sympathetic to your cause is to call a woman a bitch. However, we're talking about deranged wingnut congresswoman Jean Schmidt, who is only five shades of eyeshadow away from pulling a full-on Michelle Bachmann. Perhaps in this case, he's using some other form of psychology to win over the voters in his district.
Every now and then we like to check in on the latest antics surrounding GOP Rep. Jean Schmidt -- the Ohio Republican who called Jack Murtha a coward on the House floor. And boy oh boy, her latest doesn't disappoint.

Schmidt is now enmeshed in a bitter feud with another Ohio Republican, who's so furious with her that he called her a "lying b----" and a "despicable person" who would "sell her mother" -- and expressly told us we could print that!

The issue? GOP State Rep. Tom Brinkman, who founded an anti-tax government watchdog group, is charging that Schmidt's House staffers frequently work on her campaign for re-election.

I'm pretty sure the work there is "bitch" but sometimes, it can also show up as "beeyatch." We'll have that debate later, I guess.

Either way, I don't endorse calling women "bitches." In the case of Jean Schmidt, I do heartily make an exception. On election night, I will be hoping to see her go down in flames.


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