Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Going under cover

I just listened in on a conference call with Roy Blunt as he tried to downplay the frequent visits to our state by Senator Obama. He is glad that he is here, it will give Missourians a chance to see that there is nothing to him, you see. He said "style over substance" at least three times in the short opening statement. Then they opened it up for questions.

There was scant interest - First question was from Jason Rosenbaum who blogs about politics at the Columbia Daily Tribune, and Jo Mannies from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch went second. When no one else piped up, Jo jumped in and asked a third question, after which they shut it down.

This was the first one of these that was run by republicans that I have ever listened in on - and it was over in less than 14 minutes - and what did I learn? Roy (thank gawd!) hasn't been vetted as a vice presidential candidate, and he doesn't think Barack Obama is qualified to be president; he thinks McCain will be a great candidate, but he needs to come to the state for something besides fundraisers. Oh - and he seems a little bit worried that the voters in the Sixth will kick his buddy Sam Graves to the curb in favor of my girl Kay. That's the gist of it. I snapped the phone shut feeling pretty damned good about Missouri at least turning turning purple come November - and downright blue ain't outta the question!


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