Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday morning quick hits - 4th of July edition

Did bu$h learn his negotiating 'skills' from Mugabe?
Fair question to ask...both of the murderous thugs think 'negotiation' means that we start from the position that they get everything they want, and everyone else can go pound sand. He also lashed out at the neighbors, warning other African nations to "think twice" about provoking his government.

This statement should be used as evidence in Condi's war crimes trial
The worst Secretary of State to ever humiliate this once-proud nation with fecklessness and warmongering (and remember - John Foster Dulles once held the office) and lies about smoking guns and mushroom clouds clings to a sense of "pride" over her accomplishments. It takes talent of sorts, afterall, to get an illegal war started - especially if you want to break both the treasury and the military in the process.

Britain's spy chief comatose
Alex Allan, the chairman of the Cabinet Office Joint Intelligence Committee collapsed at his home four days ago afater telling associates last week that he was feeling unwell. He has been hospitalized and unresponsive since collapsing. No diagnosis has been made, but foul play has been ruled out.

If I put my hands around your neck and squeeze, it's for your own good, you stupid ingrate!
The latest viral video on youtube is of a cop choking a pot smoker. The video shows the cop telling the suspect he is using "vascular restraint" to keep the suspect from swallowing drugs and giving himself an overdose.

[Bloggers aside: This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, and I was an Air Force wife in the Reagan era - I know from industrial-strength stupid. I also have over 20 years in emergency medicine. I have treated literally thousands of drug overdoses and I have NEVER seen a "marijuanna overdose." It is a pharmacological impossibility.]

And that's the news - as outrage strikes and time permits, I might get a little bit of reaction-blogging done. There is at least one post in the queue for early evening, and we will of course have the nightly news roundup - and if anyone expresses an interest in my Tarragon-Bleu Cheese potato salad, kitchenblogging can be resurected this evening. I'll take pictures just in case...

Now, get outside and get some fresh air and wish America a happy birthday. Blogtopia™ (y!sctp!) will still be here when you get back.

We are quietly setting out the tip jar this week - it has been an expensive month at Casa Blue Girl, - including missed opportunities to work while spending an inordinate amount of time in doctors offices and medicated after routine, but painful, ortho procedures. And there is that fast-approaching trip to Netroots Nation that is still going to represent a significant expense, and would not even be possible without the scholarship...Anyway, I suck at this - so just let me say that any change you can toss in our laptop case is appreciated. Subscriptions for the low, low price of seventeen cents (!) per day are especially appreciated.

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