Friday, July 4, 2008

Friday Catblogging July 4, 2008

With bonus neighbor kitties! The four apartments on the top floor are home to several beautiful cats. Today, I am sharing three of them with you.

This gorgeous creature is Max - he allows my friend Catherine who lives two doors down to pay the bills and buy food for him.

This is Cubby, sho tolerates my neighbor Jordan so long as Jordan keeps the food coming and the litterbox clean - Cubby likes the skylight in the hallway almost as much as he likes my peppermint foot lotion. I know I'm weird, but sandy little cat-tongues on your shins is one of life's pleasures.

This is Jacob. He too lives with my neighbor Jordan and loves, loves, loves, loves, loves the skylight in the hallway.

Charlie did mighty battle with a thread from the decorative throw.

Dinner time. Both critters would like to appeal to your generosity. They would like me to tell you that as they are not alley cats, they do not want to be reduced to eating "Alley Cat."

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