Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yes, but Gordon Smith is a goon

Everyone in Oregon knows that the frozen pea prince of Pendleton is the very definition of an asshat, and a gander at a map will reveal exactly why Oregon voters acquiesced and sent him to Washington the second time he tried to buy the seat - DC is about as far away from Oregon as you can get and stay on the continent.

He is a craven opportunist of the highest order, and Jeff Merkley is coming after him, intent on exposing his ass-hattery and taking his senate seat away from him.

Smith's latest dalliance with lying perfidy falsely asserts that Barack Obama had glowing words to say about his (Smith's) johnny-come-lately opposition to the war in Iraq. He only discovered his inner hippie after the 2006 elections saw republicans get their asses handed to them all over the country. He only caught the bipartisan bug after checking the calendar and realizing he was up for reelection in the next cycle. He is an opportunistic goon who would stab his mother in the back for a single vote in that lefty paradise Eugene.

The fact is, Smith has never taken a bold stand for or against anything, and certainly not against his BFF aWol bu$h.

Given his track record, it shouldn't surprise anyone that he is trying to run to the left and attempting to take up a position under Democratic petticoats - but this time it looks like he has taken it too far. He is actually running a television ad in which he falsely claims that Obama lauded him for displaying bold leadership.

Obama never said any such thing - here is what he actually said about Smith:

Gordon Smith's problem is that he rarely breaks away from George Bush and the Republican agenda that I think has done this country great damage.

Oregon's Democratic delegation is pushing back against their veracity-challenged republican colleague, and the pushback is getting picked up by the local television news.


Smith, by the way, is McCain's Oregon Campaign chair. Wonder what the campaign thinks about Smith's effort to cozy up to Obama?

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