Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another reason why you should help Kay Barnes destroy Sam Graves

Updated Below

Sam Graves thinks you're stupid. He thinks he can stand in front of you and lie to your face and you will believe his bullshit and not call him out on it.

He's downright blatant about it. For those who can't watch the video that is posted below the fold, Graves is caught on tape lying to a Veterans group in Parkville, repeating the urban legend that China is drilling for oil off the coat of Cuba, practically within spitting distance of Key West, days after Cheney himself admitted that he was full of shit when he told the lie in the first place.

The end of the quarter is looming, so if you can help Kay Barnes defeat this lying sack of sh*t in November, click my "Act Blue" link in the sidebar and throw a couple of bucks in the hat for her. If you think about it, add $.06 to let the campaign know that your donation originated from a post on this blog. Yes, we are that vain.

I come from a town of four hundred people in the Missouri Sixth. I have a whole passel of relatives up there, and they are not stupid people. I am fond of saying of that area that the population isn't dense up there, but the people aren't, either.

Knowing those folks like I do, I can't believe that they will take too kindly to being lied to. None of my folks will, anyway.

UPDATE 5:00 p.m. - Blue Girl

Talking Points Memo has picked this up and been in contact with Jason Klindt, a representative of the Graves campaign, and he says they are sticking by their story.

"We have one newspaper that says China is drilling and one that says China is not drilling," Klindt told Election Central via e-mail. "If it turns out to be verified as inaccurate, he will certainly let his constituents know."

Like Jean Schmidt before him, Klindt cited a source that didn't actually appear to back up his point. Klindt referred us to a 2006 New York Times article that only said China was planning to drill there. Since that story was published, as GOP Sen. Mel Martinez laid out on the Senate floor, China is only drilling along shoreline areas of Cuba at this juncture.

Well, they're consistent. Wrong. Dishonest. Mendacious. Liars. But they are consistent about being wrong, dishonest, mendacious liars. So marks for that I guess...

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