Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday Morning Quick Hits

First things first...Heartfelt thanks to Warren for keeping the content beast fed on Friday and Saturday. Just about the time I was catching my breath after two super-busy days, the four-year-old my life revolves around woke up from her nap with a high temp and a barking cough - she was clingy and needy and the only thing she wanted was Nana's lap. Needless to say, she got it.

Obama warmly received by mayors conference
He told the assembled civic leaders on a packed Miami ballroom that an Obama administration would be better for their cities than a McCain administration. He praised efforts of various mayors for initiatives ranging from educational reform to green initiatives. "You shouldn't be succeeding despite Washington -- you should be succeeding with a hand from Washington," Obama said. "Neglect is not a policy for America's metropolitan areas. It's time City Hall had someone in the White House you could count on the way so many Americans count on you." Of course, this being Miami, the obligatory handful of professional victims/elderly dead-enders from the Cuban exile community was on hand, chanting and waving their Cuban flags, because it's always all about them and their unprecedented-in-human-history suffering. (gmafb)

McCain might get bit in the ass yet
over kneecapping Boeing. Now that the GAO has found that Boeing had a leg to stand on when they protested the tanker deal they didn't get. Prediction wild-assed speculation: If Sebelius is Obama's VP pick, Slattery defeats Roberts and Kansas goes to Obama.

Get out your checkbook, Boone
In 2004, T. Boone Pickens (who never served a single day in uniform) financed the Swift Boat liars, and as recently as November 2007, speaking at an American Spectator dinner, he said he would give a million dollars to anyone who could disprove the allegations of the Swift Boat attacks against Senator Kerry. A group of veterans who served - and were disparaged - alongside Kerry have rebutted. Identifying themselves as “patriotic, concerned veterans” they say the accusations of the Swift boat group damaged their reputations impacted their families, “tarnished the sacrifices we made, called into question the medals we were awarded and challenged the very authenticity of our service.” These guys (who actually, you know, served - again, unlike Pickens) are understandably pissed off. When Kerry - who beached his boat and pursued the enemy on foot - offered to meet with Pickens to rebut charges, Pickens - who never saw fit to wear the uniform of his country, let's make sure we're all clear on that - backpeddled like a little bitch and qualified the bet. He was only talking about the ads - not the campaign en toto. Of course, he didn't say it that way when he was blustering to his base - besides, he's a lying republican shithead, you can't believe a word he says. (What are you? Stupid?) When Kerry challenged back, Pickens fell silent - so a group of actual veterans who were in Vietnam, not Oklahoma, during the time in question - have flanked him. They have assembled 42 pages of records and responded in a 12 page letter, rebutting not just one, but several, of the allegations made by the lying liars. They offer to go through Mr. Kerry’s record and the video with Mr. Pickens “page by page, frame by frame.” And they demand an apology, to them “and to the American people.” I am not holding my breath.

I wish I was surprised by this
but I'm not. Three in ten Americans admit to holding racial biases, but sorting out the impact of racial attitudes on the presidential election is not straightforward. Skittishness in a (mercifully shrinking) small but skeptical group of white voters will likely be offset by excitement among the black community in republican leaning states with large black populations.

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