Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuesday's a wrap 2/26/08

[Yes, I have done it again. I stole this post, in it's entirety, from WTWC. I am so blatant, I even stole the items contributed by Strannix, my fellow administrator over there.]

The GOP fears charges of racism and/or sexism during the general election for president. Not, of course, because they're racist or sexist, no, no, perish the thought. (Strannix)

I'm not sure why they're worrying about being racist: Time's Mark Halperin includes playing the race card as his tactic #6 (of 16) that John "Mad Jack" McCain can use to defeat Barack Obama in the general. He should have included a tactic #17: never listen to an asshat such as Mark Halperin. (Strannix)

Starbucks took a coffee break today. I'd complain more about this, but I'm jonesing too bad for a caffeine fix....!! (Strannix)

Tom Ricks isn't hopeful about America's involvement in Iraq. He hosted an online forum this afternoon on the WaPo website. One of the first questions was from a field-grade officer five months into a fifteen month deployment in Iraq. [M]ost of us do not see an end here in Iraq. If we stay, we are attacked; if we leave, Iraq falls aprart. I used to believe in the system, but I do not anymore. Is there an end in sight? What do you see ahead for Iraq? The senior leaders will not admit to it, but the Army is dying a slow death ... things will be worse than the late '70s. Ricks didn't beat around the bush: Hello, Baghdad....This is a very good question. With you, I think we are stuck in Iraq for years to come. That is to say, the best case scenario isn't that different from what some would call a quagmire....That said, I do think it might be possible to reduce troop numbers and get the casualty rate down in coming years. Does that sicken you as much as it does me? (--BG)

So does this mean he will be willing to say the same thing in front of Congress, under oath? Whatever KKKarl. You can deny you were behind the Siegelman witch-hunt on Faux Noise until the cows come home. I won't believe a word out of your fetid maw until you tell it to Representative Conyers, under oath, in front of the cameras and live on CSPAN. And then I'll be suspicious. (--BG)

Colonel Morris Davis was back in the news again today, this time with the revelation that Pentagon general counsel William Hayes, who resigned abruptly yesterday, had pressured him to bring Australian David Hicks to trial in advance of the Australian elections. You may recall that Bush ally John Howard took a thorough beating, losing not just the presidency, but his own seat in parliament. (--BG)

Dumbest. Babies. Ever. Remember Monica Goodling? Well, she just got engaged, and you will never guess to whom...Mike Krempasky of RedState. I saw her testimony, I have read his ranting - I stand by my prediction. It is a given that this union is guaranteed to produce the Dumbest. Babies. Ever. (--BG)

For this, I will be keeping my checkbook in my desk drawer next pledge drive. Memo to the programming wizards at NPR's Morning Edition - if we wanted to be assaulted by the inanity of the towering jackass Glenn Beck...we would not be tuned in to NPR! Waking up to that nastiness this morning can only be described as a "rude awakening." Stop sucking up to the wingers, you morons, and start doing some real reporting about them. Let me put it this way - pledge drive is coming, and I have already decided to sit this one out. I will continue sitting them out for the foreseeable future, until you stop making nice with foam-flecked loons. What else would you call a guy who thinks Rick "Man on Dog" Santorum is the second coming of Winston Churchhill? I mean, c'mon - the guy is clearly insane...(--BG)

McCain had a run-in with the far-right fringe today at a rally in Cincinnati. He was introduced by Bill "Willie" Cunningham, who viciously attacked Barack Obama as a "hack" and used his middle name (Hussein) about a dozen times. When McCain took the stage, he rebuked the wingnut, and we acknowledge this and thank the senator for taking that stand against such stupid and divisive rhetoric by desperate wingnuts who are pulling out all the stops in an effort to change the direction of the pendulum in mid swing. (--BG)

Attention Idaho Parents! Senator Larry Craig is looking for summer interns and the application deadline is approaching fast.

And that's it for Tuesday. You know the drill - it's an open thread, leave anything we missed in comments, and we'll see you tomorrow.

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