Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Some Radio Dudes Are About to Lose Their Gig


Hillary, however, heard the chant, “Iron my shirt!” from two young twenty-something males who heckled her from at a New Hampshire college today.

Is your BS detector going off yet? It should. These kids who allegedly yelled this taunt are half my age, but are displaying the sexist sensibilities of Archie Bunker, who by the way, would be so old that I doubt that either of them even know who Archie Bunker was.


Thanks to an alert Boston area reader, it looks like we know who our culprits are. They aren’t troglodyte misogynists. Nor are they Clinton plants. Worse . . . they’re radio shock jocks.

I guess we all gut sucked in to believing the worst that we suspect about others. Feminists assumed that these were legitimate chauvinists, and I presumed a Clinton plant.

The person in the picture above [far left] is apparently “Adolfo” from the “Toucher and Rich” show on Boston station WBCN.

Talk about being "Opie and Anthony" stupid.

The dudes in that picture? Coming soon to a small market somewheres near where ya'll are in rural wherever down along Interstate 20. Say goodbye to Boston, fellows, because Boston is home to some of the most "anti-prank" people imaginable. I highly doubt whether the station owner is going to tolerate having to explain to the US Secret Service why two of his erstwhile employees showed up on thousands of media outlets around the world because someone on a radio show had a brain fart. I also suspect that if you're too goddamned stupid to figure out that Senator Hillary Clinton is protected by aforementioned US Secret Service, and in the middle of a serious, serious campaign for the Presidency, that there won't be a little, ummm, "Pushback" for the distraction this little stunt has caused.

Just a hint to those of you in the broadcasting field--if it sounds like a great idea, the kind that would excite your listeners and piss off the suits who just don't "get" what you're all about, you better back away slowly and make sure none of your interns actually go out and do what you told them to do.

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